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A Tuscan family that has been producing stainless steel household items for four generations; the passion for extra virgin olive oil, an ancient tradition and excellence of our land, made possible by the climate, by the extremely favorable environmental conditions for the growth of olive trees, but above all by the work of the growers and by our regional gastronomic tradition. The smell and taste of extra virgin olive oil 
Tuscan dishes improve even the simplest food: a bruschetta or a plate of fresh raw vegetables, served with a drizzle of oil, provide a rewarding and intense sensory experience. The nutritional and antioxidant properties 
of extra virgin olive oil, precious for health, and recognized since ancient times, have found confirmation in current scientific research. 

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Stainless Steel is the best material to preserve the organoleptic characteristic of extra virgin olive oil


Innovation meets beauty. Finishes and colors taken from the tradition of our tables blend with the beauty of ancestral forms or
with contemporary design. 


Unbreakable and long-lasting, our products contribute to reducing emission saving energy resources necessary for their disposal

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Olipac is the first patented stainless steel bottle, created to maintain these characteristics unchanged over time, a point of contact between ancient experience and technological innovation; a complete collection of stainless steel cruets and accessories designed around extra virgin olive oil.

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“Conservation in stainless steel bottles 
lets you keep it longer
the qualitative characteristics of the oil
in terms of lower oxidation state,
reduced loss in antioxidant compounds,
preservation of sensory characteristics "


Prof. Alessandro Parenti - University of Florence, DEISTAF

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The world of Olipac a complete range of items designed for oil tasting, treatment and conservation.

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