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Manufacturer of Kitchen Utensils for Four Generations

From 1950



Born within the beauties of Tuscany, IPAC has over 80 years of tradition in kitchenware and steel kitchen utensils.

Estabilished by Guido Chiti within the medieval heart of tuscany, the factory and brand grew up until now, under the current management of the great-grandson, namesake of the founder.

Tramonto in Toscana


For four generations, IPAC has been experience, technological research, imagination and competence. From the first historical Italian “Ideal” passatutto to our exclusive and revolutionary patents, the passion is in the care we put into the realization of our products, from the choice of high quality materials, to the design, the attention to finishing.


The choice of stainless steel as our company's core business reflects our passion: ecological, recyclable, easy to clean, long-lasting and beautiful. Respect for the environment is born from our passion for good living, which is not limited to the quality of the materials used to make the products, but is a 360-degree strategy that includes fixed points.

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one company,
many brands

Our products don't wear out, they don't go out of style. Practically eternal: long life means significant reduction of CO2 emissions because energy resources necessary for their disposal are saved.

But passion is not only this: it also takes imagination and foresight; IPAC has filed original patents over the years, product innovative items for design, use of materials or functionality, and diversifying them in specific brands.

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