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The company

A passion that has lasted for over 70 years

The Tuscans are known throughout the world, as well as for their excellent food, Chianti wine and extra virgin olive oil for these two characters. Leonardo and Pinocchio embody the Tuscan spirit, brilliant and irreverent. There is a word that well describes this mix of accuracy, creativity with a pinch of madness and a lot of enthusiasm: PASSION.



It was originally a small creative workshop in the medieval heart of Pistoia, Tuscany. The knight of labor Guido Chiti, founder of IPAC and great-grandfather of the current and homonymous CEO of IPAC Guido Chiti, then moved the growing manufacturing to the delightful Tuscan countryside, between hills of secular olive trees and ancient farmhouses: one of the most important industries for household items from Central Italy.


A complete cycle industry, from raw material to finished product: for over 70 years IPAC has developed know-how on stainless steel and its processing techniques that has allowed it to face the challenges of globalization without missing a beat.


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