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Since the introduction of the first Italian vegetable mill in 1950, IDEALE is the brand for steel kitchen utensils
stainless. Essential, 100% stainless steel, best value for money, lifetime warranty.

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Simplicity is the hallmark of genius. I Genietti are simple but innovative, practical and stylish kitchen accessories
small in size but large in the possibilities they offer to those who use them, to discover the innovative functions for which
are designed. Real life-hacks to unleash your creativity in the kitchen. A thousand ideas to prepare e
present your dishes.

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The first, original range of patented stainless steel bottles, cruets and accessories for storage and
tasting of high quality extra virgin olive oil, Olipac maintains the properties of the extra oil unaltered
virgin olive oil over time and offers consumers a rewarding sensory experience.

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Happytappi transforms the common glass jar for preserves and jams into a multifunctional tool e
intelligent; with Happytappi free your creativity: in the kitchen, in the pantry, in the garden, in your studio, without limits.
One jar, a thousand ideas!

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In 1967, IPAC patented the "stainless steel clothespin" made from the production waste of cookware. From the
2010 the original stainless steel clothespin evolved into a range of coordinated objects, the Clippe:
eccentric, fun, multipurpose, recognizable today as a true icon of Italian design.

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