Stainless style

In the 50’s a small factory in Tuscan began its adventure: the Italian families were in need of robust tool, well made and convenient. Consumers needings, with economic growth, had become more sophisticated. In the new kitchens were placed next to the first household, stainless steel utensils.
IPAC called this series of product IDEALE – “stainless steel in the service industry and home”, read the tagline.

Stainless Style

Simple objects that accompany us in our daily lives.

stainless style

These products are the true kitchenware evergreen, arrived to this day almost unchanged: vegetable mill, bruschetta griddle, graters, colander, milk pot. Simple items that are with us in our daily lives has always, made with the same ideal: to provide a product made with the same “stainless” passion ever since.