IPAC products fully meet the market demand of household items. Indeed, IPAC while having a core business in the production and sale of household articles of stainless steel, also offers alluminium articles, traditional and ceramic non-stick pans, accessories and tools of various kinds. A wide range of stainless steel pans with encapsulated bottom, designed with attention to detail, original custodians of numerous patents. The professional lines of aluminum now also available to the general public. The innovative non-stick ceramic.

Household items for over 70 years at your service


And then the stainless steel tableware (bowls, trays) the famous food mills of various sizes, shapes, materials, designed to meet specific needs. The stainless steel cheese grater, ranging from the traditional grandmother’s one to most advanced microetching blade graters. The World of Oil ipac, Olipac, with its cruets, stainless steel oil bottles, condiment sets and the traditional italian bruschettiera (the griddle to make bruschetta)!
Accessories: coffee-machine, flame-breakers, splatter guards, juicer, potato peelers and a thousand others.
The stainless steel ladles available both with acrylic and nylon handles. Full series: from ice cream spoon to slotted spoon, traditional broth ladle.
IPAC also offers a wide range of flatware and cutlery in steel and ceramic and brand new in bamboo.


We produced first the first Italian food mill, IDEALE: an essential tool in the kitchen to crush soft food, used to remove seeds and skin from soft fruit and vegetables, both fresh and cooked, making them more digestible, suitable for sophisticated food or to meet the food needs of the more sensitive subjects such as children and the elderly. A very simple but efficient that historically has replaced the bunting and strainers. While remaining faithful to an ideal of simplicity and manual use of vegetable mill, over the years we have developed new solutions to meet those requirements of practicality and economy that we all have. So we have patented grating filters, the double-wings, the space-saving mills, improved materials, finishes, madeit easier assembly and disassembly, created specific tools to meet every need.
In four generations IPAC’s food-mill family has widened: hand tools designed to crush, passing, sieve, squeeze …. Passafino to switch from jams and preserves, sift the flour, Passamaniko with its retractable handle, garlic presser, potato masher and passatelli to make purees, dumplings and small gems, the juicer and more… An ancient world changing!

Stone resistant Rock

The IPAC non-stick suitable for every hob.

IPAC Bamboo

His passion is to look to the future and promote technological research and the use of innovative materials such as bamboo