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The Genietti are simple, innovative and ingenious accessories: designed in the field,
born from the real needs of those who cook both professionally and
homemade. In fact, each Genietto responds to a need, solves one or more
small problems for which we generally tend to improvise using
improperly classic kitchen tools.


Heading 1

Drain the jars, retrieve the tomato sauce or ketchup at the bottom of the
glass bottles, cut the thick peel of the oranges, slice the courgettes
without cutting, scaling the fish, dislining it, making the smell of food disappear
from your hands.

APINP pinza chef uso.jpg

Heading 1

The Genietti are at the same time very professional but easy tools
use, they do not require particular culinary skills to those who use them, because they are
designed to simplify the life of those who cook!


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And they are meant to last a long time. Each Genietto is a kitchen accessory made of high quality stainless steel, guaranteed for life, washable both by hand and in the dishwasher, robust and compact, ecological because it is single-material and therefore easily recyclable, hypoallergenic because in Nickel Free steel, designed not to steal precious space, to always be there at the right time. With the little geniuses a thousand and one solutions for the preparation and presentation of your dishes.

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